2018-2019 Susan Robertson

Dear Members and Potential Members:
If you have not joined the Estes Park Woman’s Club, I encourage you to make your reservation for one of our luncheon meetings and get acquainted with us. Sallie Brackman oversees reservations. You can reach her at salliebrackman@aol.com or (816) 225-9130.
I am so pleased to be your new Estes Park Woman’s Club President, 2018/2019. I would like to welcome back our returning members and our new members. We have wonderful programs and events planned. I want to thank our Board Members and all that have volunteered to coordinate our special projects. In addition to our monthly luncheons and programs, our fund raising projects provide us with an opportunity to work together and raise funds for our many philanthropic contributions for Bright Christmas, High School Scholarships, Estes Valley Library, Estes Valley Museum and Estes Valley Library to name just a few. New this year is an opportunity for giving additional donations (above and beyond) throughout the year so that we can continue to perhaps add new opportunities for financial support in our community.
In 2010 I was invited to attend a luncheon and program by my neighbor and friend, Harriet Burgess. I remember the meeting well, it was in the Pine Room at the YMCA and our speaker was from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Harriet was a past President, as well as the author of our 100 Year History of the Estes Park Woman’s Club, And Then the Women Took Over. I found the club to be more than an opportunity to enjoy lunch with Harriet but to meet other wonderful women. The programs helped me learn more about Estes Park. Through participation in fundraising and positions on the board, I truly realized the value of membership. It has been a rich and very rewarding experience. I encourage you all to not only sponsor other new members but to fully participate in all that our club has to offer. Working together I know that we will have a productive and exciting year. I look forward to celebrating and honoring the Amazing Women of Estes Park.
Susan Robertson EPWC President 2018/2019

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