Officers & Committee Heads

2020-2021 Officers and Directors and Committees

President – Judi Cunningham

First Vice President (Membership) –  Cherie Martin, Esther Cenac

Second Vice President (Programs) –  Stacey Harding, Kathy Littlejohn, Pat Reed

Recording Secretary – Sherry Unruh – Assistant – Nancy Thomas

Corresponding Secretary – Diane Palmer – Assistant – Judy Taphorn

Treasurer – Patti Erbe – Assistant – Ann Dinsmoor

Directors – Lila Conrad, Becky Elrod, Barbara Poweleit, Nancy Fuller-Micek, Laura Waller

Immediate Past President – Ann Dinsmoor

Parliamentarian – Ann Dinsmoor

Publicity – Ann Dinsmoor

Yearbook Editor – Carla Spreng-Webb, Dot Dorman

Reservation Chair – Stacey Harding

Name Tags – Joyce Paxton, Diane Deister

Historian – Judy Schaffer, Carla Spreng Webb

Song Leaders – Susie Manhoff,

Web & Facebook – Kathy Bryson


Duck Chair – Kathye Osborne

Bright Christmas – JoAnn Batey, Jean McLaren

Scholarship Fund – Pat Pickering, Karen Nicholson, Connie Phipps

Mountainaires Chorus – Shirley Neely-Turpin

Estes Park Elementary School – Judy Cunningham

Estes Park Little Lending Library – Becky Elrod

Estes Valley Library & Foundation – Sherry Unruh

Fund Development – Patti Erbe, Judy Schaffer, Judi Cunningham, Shirley Neely Turpin