Luncheon meetings are held at 11:30 am on the second Wednesday of the calendar month, unless otherwise notified. Members are notified by email. Members must respond as instructed in the email. Members without email will be called.

September 14,2022 MacGregor Ranch $25.00 Jane Zmijewski, “Lost & Found”
October 12, 2022 American Legion $25.00 Kathy Whitaker, Partners
“Can you be a Partner?”
November 09, 2022 The American Legion $25.00 Mindy Rickard, Project Coordinator, Health District of Northern Larimer County
“Larimer Advance Care Planning”
December 14, 2022 Community Center $25.00 Denise Stookesberry, Mary Theresa Reed, Steve Tice, and Geoff Clark “Elevated Voices”
January 11, 2023 American Legion $25.00 Mary Barrons, Estes Park High School Principal “High School Education Today”
February 8, 2023 American Legion $25.00 Diana David Brown and Rosemary Truman, Estes Valley Crisis Advocates “In Crisis? Who You Gonna Call?”
March 8, 2023 American Legion $25.00 Linda Neuman, “First Woman Supreme Court Justice in Iowa”
April 12, 2023 American Legion $25.00 David Wolf, Chief Estes Valley Fire Prevention District, “Living With Fire”
May 10, 2023 Twin Owls Steak House $25.00 Installation of Officers and Honoring past Presidents

Club dues for 2022-2023 are $35.00.
Members joining after February 1, 2022, will pay one-half the annual amount for the remainder of the WC season.