Judi Cunningham, 2022-2023

Dear Members,

I’m very proud to be a member and the President of Estes Park Woman’s Club.

Every time we meet, I love learning about the great community that we live in. I am also very impressed by our talented members who are willing to respond to the needs of our community.

The EPWC has four basic goals: strengthening our schools, supporting the town of Estes Park, enhancing the Estes Valley Library and maintaining Rocky Mountain National Park.

We believe that in order for our community to be strong, investing in our youth through awarding scholarships is a very important component of our responsibility to the community.

The EPWC is also known for responding to emergency needs if they should occur. The EPWC was instrumental in the development of the Estes Park Women’s Monument both financially and conceptually. This monument honors the work of women who truly believed in what Estes Park could and should be for the future.

As a vital community partner the EPWC celebrates the history of our founders and members. We continue the legacy of caring and making Estes Park a Crown Jewel as a place to live contribute, learn and enjoy both the town and the outdoors.

Enjoy your membership with a fine group of women who have vision and will serve the community in many wonderful ways.

Your President,
Judi Cummingham

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