Kathy Littlejohn, 2023-2024

Dear members,
It is an honor to have been designated to serve as the Woman’s Club President.
I look forward to getting to know those of you I do not already know, spending more time with those I do know and continuing the work of this excellent organization together with all of you.

We will continue to support the school district and its students, which includes the awarding of scholarships to graduation senior girls. We support the town of Estes Park, including other non-profit organizations and special projects such as the Women’s Monument. We will also continue to support the Estes Valley Library and Rocky Mountain National Park. As we have in the past, the Woman’s Club stands ready to meet new challenges as the arise.
The Woman’s Club is part of Estes Park’s philanthropy. Estes Park is a very caring, giving and generous community. We welcome suggestions for ways in which we can contribute not only financially, but also with our time and resources.
To gain a deeper understanding of our legacy and the impact this organization had had in Estes Park, I encourage each of you to read “When the Women Took Over”, over one hundred years of the Estes Park Woman’s Club.
I hope you enjoy your membership in this remarkable women’s organization as we continue to serve the community.

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