We bring together women who are interested in building a better community.

The purpose of the Woman’s Club is to bring together women who are interested in building a better community. By joining forces with others, we are able to make improvements within our community that we could not do by ourselves.


The Estes Park Woman’s Club was organized in 1912. The women spent their first year building mountain trails and making scenic areas accessible to hikers and horseback riders. After that first year, the women turned their attention to establishing a meeting place. They decided to build a clubhouse that would also be a library. In 1914, the Woman’s Club was accepted in the Colorado Federation and General Federation of Women’s Clubs. In 1916, the women established their library at the local school. In 1920, the school needed the room to expand so the library was moved to a rented room in a downtown hotel. Then, in 1922, the town donated a lot in Bond Park for the library site and the Woman’s Club was responsible for the building of the Estes Park Public Library. The Woman’s Club and volunteers donated labor and materials and raised money for additional materials needed to build the library. The women established a fund to support the maintenance of the library in 1925. The Estes Valley Library continues to receive the support of the Estes Woman’s Club today!

What’s New?

Community Support

The Estes Park Woman’s Club is proud to support local organizations within Estes Park and the surrounding communities.

Estes Valley Public Library

Started the Town library with a few books in a part-time schoolroom.  When the Town donated a lot in Bond Park, the club raised $5,000 to build and furnish the building.  The women raised funds and operated the library for 53 years before transferring it to the town.  EPWC continues to support the library, most recently donated money to have a fireplace installed in the new “Quiet Room” on the second floor.

Town of Estes Park

Served as the Town Chamber of Commerce and government before either were in existence. $2,000 was donated to rebuild the bird sanctuary after the 2013 flood. The Club continues to support the Town through conservation and civic improvement projects.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Supported establishment of Rocky Mountain National Park and provided land for the Park Headquarters. The original Deer Mountain trail was built by the members. The Club still supports the Park through various venues and when a specific need arises. As a result of the 2013 flood the Club donated $2,000 for signage at the Glacier Basin Campground to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of RMNP and the partnership with the Woman’s Club.

Estes Park Elementary School

Members support the school by volunteering in the reading program and annual book sale. Money is annually set aside to give to the school for specific projects. Clothing items are routinely donated from members to give to students in need.

Annual Projects

During the year, the Estes Park Woman’s Club engages in a number of annual projects.

Holiday House Bake Sale

Every year the Elizabeth Guild Thriftshop has a sale to raise money for the local medical center.  The Woman’s Club supports the event by having a bake sale.  Members bake hundreds of delicious items to sale and volunteers host the booth selling the baked goods. This event happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Rocky Mountain Holiday Inn.

Bright Christmas

Every year Woman’s Club joins with the Bright Christmas program to provide  a local family a joyous Christmas.  We collect $300-$500 to purchase gifts for the family.  The women on this project puts hours of time shopping and wrapping the gifts.  All gifts are customized to fit the individual needs and wishes.  The lucky family are extremely grateful and over joyed .

Community Cafe

The Community Cafe is a new project the Club has become involved in to assist the local community in having a free meal and delightful social time.  The Club is given a specific day to go to the Community Church to greet guests, serve the meals, and cleanup for the event.  After the first time of hosting this event, the volunteers unaminously agreed it was a fun night and  wanted to make it an annual project.


Bingo is fun!  This event is a major way for the Club to raise money.  The American Legion Club graciously holds the event at their facility.  A delicious meal is offered at an extremely low price and bingo tickets are sold for bingo.  Prizes are awarded and excitement is had by all.  This event is open to the public for their enjoyment as well.

Little Library in Performance Park

The Woman’s Club joined the Estes Valley Library with the Little Libraries.  A Little Library kit was purchased, put together by a member’s husband, hand painted by two members and stocked with many donated books.  Our dedicated members regularly check the “Little Library” to make sure it has books for all ages to be enjoyed by anyone wanting to read a book.  Please stop by Performance Park and see our Little Library

Pecan Sales

The annual sale of pecans is yet another way for the Club to raise money to give back to the community.  Orders are taken beginning in late October and delivered to customers in November for holiday bakin


Luncheon meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the calendar month, unless otherwise notified. Members are notified by email. Members must respond as instructed in the email. Members without email will be called.

Sep. 14. 201611:30 AM$18BBQ Luncheon at Cheley CampTour with Don and/or Alyssa
Oct. 12, 201611:30 AM$18Luncheon at Nicky’sWes Kufield (EP Police Chief) - Safety and Community Police Work
Nov. 9, 201611:30 AM$18Luncheon at the Dunraven InnEmergency Medical Services
Dec. 14, 201611:30 AM$25Luncheon at the Stanley HotelThe Mountainaires
Jan. 11, 201711:30 AM$18Luncheon at TaharraDr. Dumont - Good Health and You
Feb. 8, 201711:30 AM$18Luncheon at Hunter’s Chop HouseDarla Sidles (RMNP Superintendent)
March 8, 201711:30 AM$18Luncheon at YMCACommunity Gardening
April 12, 201711:30 AM$18Luncheon at Twin OwlsMountain Music Makers
May 10, 201711:00 AM$18
Brunch at the Other SideSisters on the Fly - Karla and Gladys Van Drie

Club dues for 2015-2016 are $35.00.
Members joining after February 1, 2016, will pay one-half the annual amount for the remainder of the WC season.

Officers & Committee Heads

2017-2018 Officers and Directors and Committees

President – Pat Pickering

First Vice President (Membership) – Susan Robertson, Diane Hackett-Carlson

Second Vice President(Programs) –  Karen Nicholson, Laura Waller, Lori Gaglio

Recording Secretary – Nancy Thomas – Assistant  – Becky Elrod

Corresponding Secretary – Hulda Bachman-Neeb – Assistant – Lynn Larkin

Treasurer – Patti Erbe – Assistant – Kathy Speechley

Directors – Judy Schaffer, Diane Palmer, Nan Abbiatti, Sandi DeJoseph

Immediate Past President – Connie Phipps

Parliamentarian – Louise Reeves

Publicity – Polly Ingold

Fund Development – Judy Schaffer

Yearbook Editor – Connie Phipps, Shirley Neely-Turpin

Reservation Chair – Chris Childers, Shirley Neely-Turpin

Name Tag Chair – Pat Blume

Historian – Shirley Neely-Turpin, Lynn Larkin

Song Leader – Shirley Neely-Turpin, Marion Stencel

Webmaster – Pam Appel


Duck Chair – Delpine Casey

Bright Christmas – Pam Appel, Carol Smid, Lynn Larkin

Holiday House Bake Sale – Hulda Bachman-Neeb

Bingo Night – Nan Abbiatti, Harriet Woodward

Garage Sale – Joy Holcomb, Catherine Moon, Amy Fox, Susie Manoff

Pecan Sales – Connie Phipps, Judi Cunningham