Susan Robertson October Letter

Our September luncheon at The Hangar had a few challenges but they were quickly resolved by Connie Phipps, Second VP-Venues & Programs. Our reservation had been misplaced, so Connie quickly coordinated getting everything arranged and set-up in the meeting room on the Club’s lower level. Connie definitely made “lemonade” out of “lemons”. Thank you, Connie! Judi Cunningham was introduced by Sarah Walsh, Second VP-Venues & Programs. Judi did an outstanding job of presenting an informative history of, “Let’s Celebrate100 Years of Golf”. Truly Amazing Women!
We also “kicked off” our Bright Christmas fundraiser at our September luncheon. Bright Christmas is a local program to help families struggling to make ends meet and enjoy a Merry Christmas by providing new toys, clothing and special treats for the whole family. Pam Appel, Lynn Larkin and Carol Smid will be collecting your generous donations at our October and November luncheons.
If you donotreceive your luncheonRSVPify emailby the time you receive my newsletter, please contact Sallie Brackman ( to ensure your reservation. Our October 10 luncheon will be at Twin Owls Steakhouse with Dot Dorman presenting the “History of Harmony.” Please remember to bring your new yearbook to our meetings! Judi Cunningham also wants to encourage you to saveLabels for Education. Our Elementary School can redeem these for school supplies. Small labels can be found on boxes of Kleenex, sometimes under the plastic wrap or the underside of the box, on frozen foods and other boxes of food.
Did You Know?

  • Our newest honorary member is Mary Lou Faiella
  • Mary Lou has been a member of Woman’s Club for 30 years
  • As an honorary member she is exempt from paying dues
  • We will honor Mary Lou at our October luncheon

As a reminder, additional giving (above and beyond) is always appreciated. We had several ladies who were unable to participate in our garage sale write out a check, others gave an additional amount above their annual $35.00 dues, and perhaps each month at our meetings you’ll want to give a few dollars above and beyond. These monies will help us to embrace our commitment to “betterment of the quality of life in the community, general philanthropic work, the development and preservation of natural resources, a continuing interest in the Estes Valley Library, support of humanitarian programs and selected civic programs” according to our By-Laws. 
Attached are approved minutes from our September luncheon. Anytime you want a copy of minutes, just let me know.
Looking forward to seeing you at our October luncheon at Twin Owls! 
Susan RobertsonEstes Park Woman’s Club President, 2018/19

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  1. This is a longshot, but would you be the Susan Robertson that attended EPHS in the class of 73?

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